MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard, which is a medium-density panel formed by wood fibers: it is a panel made of very thin wood fibers that are glued together with special adhesives which make the panel uniform and compact.
In contrast with the chipboard and the plywood, the wood MDF can be processed just like solid wood, but it avoids the classic crumbs of the other materials.

To obtain a better aesthetic, the panels are finished with other products, like melanin, or with paintable or colorful synthetic sheets, lacquered paper and wood sheets, resulting an absolutely effective product for any furnishing need: in this respect, the lacquered wood MDF is now, indeed, one of the most popular solutions.


Uniformity: Color and structure are uniform and the surfaces appear smooth, making it an easily workable material;

Versatility: it can be personalized and used for a variety of purposes;

Recyclability: the material is easy to find, to recover and to reuse;

Solidity and impact resistance;

It is a natural regulator of moisture: it absorbs moisture from the environment, when it is too much and it releases moisture when it is too little;

It is a thermal and acoustic insulation material.


BM Piani

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BM Piani

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